The Secret to Smooth, Soft Lips

Let’s talk about my personal tried and true soft lip regimen: Lush Cosmetic’s Popcorn Lip Scrub & Avon’s Beyond Color Lip Conditioner.

Image-1 (2)
Before and After Lip Regimen

Now I’ve tried my share of lip scrubs over the years and I do mean everything from drugstore brands to high end ones.  The day I came across Lush Cosmetic’s Lip Scrub, I knew it was the one. Not only does it work wonders as a lip scrub but they are vegan and handmade fresh at Lush stores with fresh, natural ingredients. Also, check out their stand against animal testing!

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On it’s own, the scrub already hydrates with its blend of coconut and jojoba oils, but I like to pair it with my all time go to lip product: Avon’s Beyond Color Lip Conditioner. It goes on silky smooth and lightly plumps with a retinol blend (tip: leave a layer on overnight for noticeably plumper lips by morning).


So here are my lips as they were without the scrub or conditioner:


Here they are after the scrub only:

FullSizeRender (1)

And here they are after the scrub and conditioner:

FullSizeRender (2).jpg



Floral Christmas Tree



For a few years now I’ve been seeing peacock inspired Christmas trees on Pinterest and decided this year I’d begin my transition into the theme. I say transition because I find it’s easier on my budget to mix in one color or style at a time. I’ve always kept a supply of gold and silver to mix and match with my main themes and colors. Last year, I went with green, red, and gold. This year I pulled out the silver and greens and began shopping for blues and teals. I waited until Black Friday and got at least 50% off all the decor.

There’s an amazing dollar store near my house where I got the teal and silver flowers, hanging grapes, and some of my previous years green ornaments. Check them out in the link below on their Instagram page.

Dollar King Instagram

For everything else, I went to Moskatels (arts and crafts store in Downtown Los Angeles) and Michael’s. As a matter of fact, Moskatels takes some of the coupons for Michael’s but some exclusions do apply. Check them out on their Yelp page on the link below!

Moskatels Los Angeles

So here’s my tree this year! A lot more green than I expected but I’ll be filling in some more blues when I head back to Moskatels for their day after Christmas blowout sale. I’ll pick out some more silver and blue picks and stems in addition to all the new purples I’ll be adding in next year to fill out my Peacock color theme!